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Kandul by Oma Organics

QUEEN OF KUSH scented candle

QUEEN OF KUSH scented candle

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Her Story

Introducing Queen of Kush, an ode to the fearless Queen Amanirenas of Sudan. This fragrance embodies her remarkable story of triumph over the Romans, and symbolizes strength, resilience, and the exotic beauty of the African landscape. Allow Queen of Kush to transport you to a realm of power and inspire you to rise above oppression. Unleash your inner queen with this captivating fragrance. 

Scent Story

With notes of cannabis, moringa cream, and salted coconut, Queen of Kush is a scent that captures the essence of Africa.

Fun fact: Sudan, the largest cannabis producer in Africa

Scent notes

Cannabis | moringa cream | salted coconut

- 100% Soy wax

- Essential and Fragrance oil blend

- Approximately 50 hours of burn  time

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