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Gua Sha, a Chinese word that is pronounced as Gwah-Shah and is translated in two parts- “Gua” meaning “scrape” while ‘Sha’ is said to mean “sand” by some people, while others translate it as “redness of skin”; other translations attributed to the word are skin scraping, spooning, coining. 

The Oma Gua Sha duo is great for use at home and on the go. Our soothing duo consists of our Citrine Gua Sha tool and your choice of one of our full size facial oils- Grace or Resolve.

Our signature Gua Sha tool was specially designed to be used as a face and body massager/scraper. So feel free to pair it with one of our body oils as part of your daily relaxation practices.


This two-piece set of GUA SHA tools is designed to provide detailed step-by-step instructions for using our Gua Sha with face oil. It offers an easy-to-follow approach for those looking to experience the skin-toning and regenerating benefits of Gua Sha. With these tools, you can take your facial wellness routine to the next level!

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