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Kandul by omaorganics

MORE-Mi scented candle

MORE-Mi scented candle

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Her Story

Queen Moremi of Yorubaland, a freedom fighter from Southern Nigeria, played a crucial role in liberating the Yoruba kingdom of Ife from the neighboring Ugbo kingdom. Sacrificing her freedom, she married the enemy ruler and used her knowledge to aid her people's army. Today, she is honored with the Queen Moremi Statue of Liberty, Nigeria's tallest statue. Queen Moremi's legacy as a brave warrior and liberator remains a powerful symbol in Yoruba history. 

Scent Story

This fragrance, inspired by her story and environment combines Mimosa, Mandarin, Gardenia and Blue Lotus. 

Fun fact: During the colonial era, the Mimosa plant served as an alarm system, alerting our ancestors to approaching slave hunters. 

Scent Notes

Top Notes: Mandarin

Heart Notes: Mimosa, Blue Lotus

Base Notes: Gardenia

- 100% Soy wax

- Essential and Fragrance oil blend

- Approximately 50 hours of burn  time

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