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Kandul by Oma Organics

GOOD YAA WAA scented candle

GOOD YAA WAA scented candle

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Introducing Good Yaa Waa, inspired by Queen Yaa Asantewaa of the Ashanti Empire, a fragrance that pays homage to her remarkable story of courage and empowerment. Defending the "Golden Stool" against the British colonialism, she led a group of women warriors fearlessly. Embrace the essence of this queen, inspiring your own path of strength. Join us in celebrating her legacy and uplifting each other for positive change. 

Scent Story: Our scent combines papaya and hibiscus with rare coco de mer fruit from Seychelles, symbolizing exclusivity and responsibility. Delicate jasmine notes add a touch of femininity. 

Fun fact: "Yaa Waa." meaning "Trouble" in pidgin English, capturing her rebellious spirit.

- 100% Soy wax

- Essential and Fragrance oil blend

- Approximately 50 hours of burn  time

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