meet our founder

meet Ijeoma

Hi there! I'm Ijeoma Onu, the proud founder of Oma Organics. My journey started in the corporate world, where I worked as a Product Manager for a Fortune 500 company after graduating with an accounting degree from the University of Cincinnati. However, everything changed when my son started experiencing eczema flare-ups. Driven by my love for him and a desire to find a solution, I immersed myself in the world of formulating organic remedies. Through extensive research and experimentation, I developed a gentle and effective solution that brought relief to his sensitive skin.
This life-changing experience inspired me to establish Oma Organics. I wanted to share the power of organic skincare with others, providing products that are safe, natural, and promote overall well-being.
Every day, I pour my passion and expertise into Oma Organics. It's a brand rooted in my personal journey and a deep understanding of the challenges we face when it comes to skincare. I'm committed to creating products that deliver results while taking care of our bodies and the environment.
I'm honored to be on this journey, and I invite you to join me in experiencing the beauty and benefits of organic wellness with Oma Organics.